Pussyman Auditions 4 (1995)

Director: David Christopher
Starring: Kimberly Kyle, Abbey Gale, Sweety Pie, Tony Martino, David Hardman, T.T. Boy, David Christopher, Tony Montana.
David Christopher returns to his “Pussyman” persona for this fourth installment of the gonzo-style series. There’s really nothing very fancy or original about Christopher’s approach — he just copies the standard pro-am format and engages each gal in a drivel-filled interview that’s followed by some (hopefully) steamy sex. While this laid-back and lazy approach to pornmaking can have some pretty uneven results, this time out he’s hit the mark. That’s largely due to the presence of Kimberly Kummings. Kimberly’s one of the hardest working and most underappreciated porn starlets out there, a gal who truly seems to love every second of on-screen sexing she can get. Her vivacious and fun-loving personality shine through during her interview segment, and her explosive hunger for raw passion drives things into hyperspace once the going gets naughty. Her performance alone is well worth the price of admission, although the white-hot work of Abby Rhodes and Sweety Py isn’t likely to disappoint.

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