Pussyman Auditions 24 (1996)

Director: David Christopher
Starring: Sophia Staks, Kay London, Montana Gunn, Kyle Stone, David Hardman, Mr. Marcus, David Christopher.
The action ranges from the sublime to the ridiculous in this steamy edition of David Christopher’s long-running ‘audition’ series. Right off the bat, let’s get the ridiculous part out of the way. In specific, it’s Sophia Stax’s entirely overinflated front end that represents this aspect of the video. She’s got the kind of obviously phony boobs that you only see on dyed in the wool strippers who parade their wares on nightclub stages, huge, rock hard watermelons that seem strapped on to her otherwise lithe frame. Sophia takes on some lucky stiff in a frankly silly sequence. Much hotter is Kay London’s opening workout with Mr. Marcus. After some suitably sultry posing and preening, this scrumptious blonde firecracker gets down to business with Marcus in a riveting romp that features lots of enticing squeals and high-pitched outbursts. Finally, Montana Gunn’s a rough and randy blonde whose tight little body and slightly hooked nose give her the look of a trailer park manager on a sex bender. She turns in another white-hot performance in a nice wrap-up scene.

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