Pussyman Auditions 19 (1996)

Director: David Christopher
Starring: Chelsea Blue, Chloe, Roxy Rider, Bobby Vitale, David Christopher, David Hardman, King Tung, Paul Cox.
Director David ‘Pussyman’ Christopher returns with another amorous bunch of would-be porn starlets in this latest edition of his long-running series. This time he’s brought together three more sex-crazed cuties who light up the screen with their energy and erotic enthusiasm. First up is Chelsea Blue, a ravenous young lust bunny who tears into her stud with the passion of the born porner. Chelsea clearly likes what she’s doing, and her excitement drives the scene to untold carnal heights. Even more explosive is Chloe, here in one of her very first on-screen encounters. Chloe’s gone on to become one of the world’s most popular and successful porn stars, and this early performance gives some good clues as to why. She rips through her scene with the now-familiar eye-rolling, muscle-spasming orgasmatics that set her apart from just about every porn star you’ve ever seen. This is clearly a star in the making, on her way to grind-happy greatness. Roxy Rider rounds out the cast, delving into some delirious debauchery in another scene of magnificent merrymaking. This is on-the-spot action that delivers in every way — it’s filled with nothing but the most intense, spectacularly unhinged sexual exploits that the series has ever seen!

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