Pussyman Auditions 13 (1995)

Director: David Christopher
Starring: Missy, Peach Puddin, Cory Gates, Nick East, Valentino, Steve Drake, David Christopher, Valentino.
This latest escapade from director David “Pussyman” Christopher brings us another trio of tawdry temptresses who are determined to land roles in his latest lascivious opus. Of course, why someone like Missy should need to prove her sexual skills to anyone is a bit of a question, but let’s put such quibbles on the back burner for now. What’s really worth paying attention to are the trio of high-pitched scenes that make up the bulk of the video. The format’s the same as in previous editions, with each gal coming in to David’s house, sitting through a less-than-thrilling interview segment, then getting down and dirty with whoever happens to be visiting that day. Missy turns in another great performance, once again showing that when it comes to action, this is one woman who simply can’t do anything halfway. She tosses herself into the mix with complete ardor and intensity, driving her man wild with her tireless exertions and squeals for more. Corey Gates shines in her segment as well, providing a girl-next-door element to the proceedings. Corey will remind you of that saucy neighbor or wanton waitress from around the way, and her insatiable antics will have you on the edge of your seat. The real discovery of this one, though, is Peach Puddin’, a naturally curvaceous cutie from the South who’s actually got a peach tattooed on her nether regions. Peach turns in a ravenous performance, showing a real flair for on-screen action that includes some throaty oral skills. Her infectious enthusiasm when presented with Valentino Rey drives their scene together right through the roof, and you’ll find yourself watching this Southern Belle time and time again.

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