Pussyman Auditions 11 (1995)

Director: David Christopher
Starring: Channone, Davia Ardell, Joey Vaughn, Nick East, Alex Sanders, Kyle Stone, David Christopher, King Tung.
Director David “Pussyman” Christopher brings three of the tastiest young girls of late 90s porn to the screen in this white-hot blast of wanton sex. Right off the bat, Channone shows what briefly made her one of the hottest hardcore harlots around — she’s a lithesome lovely from France whose delectable natural figure and thickly accented English make her the perfect dollop of exotic Euro-lust. Her strikingly pretty face and breathtaking curves provide some of the most erotic moments of this video, and once the action gets rolling she’s even hotter. Channone throws herself into the action with the enthusiasm of a gal who thinks she might never get another chance. The result is an explosive scene that offers absolutely no let-up. Davia Ardell is just as hot, letting loose with a fiery fling that’s sure to get a rise out of any audience. Davia’s a dead ringer for mainstream cutie Patricia Arquette — if Patricia had enormously pumped-up boobs, that is. Her exuberance drives this edition of the series to heights rarely attained in other episodes. Finally, jiggly Joey Vaughn rounds things out in fiery fashion, getting down and dirty in another feverish fling. This is gonzo-style sizzle at its best, featuring a trio of terrific trysts and three of the most alluring eroticists of their day.

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