Prof. F. Stein oder Ich Baue Mir Meine Traumfrau (2006)

Starring: Tyra Misoux, Chantal Hansen, Puta 69, Arabella, Donna Colada, Jasmin Rouge, Tomy, Conny Dachs, Will Steiger, Titus Steel.
In Professor Stein’s laboratory things are bubbling and brewing. After years of experimenting it appears he is on the verge of a breakthrough in his research project. New life is about to form! Finally he can create the woman of his dreams – the perfect lady who could never exist in real life. Full of eager anticipation he makes his final preparations. Lo and behold, he succeeds in animating two ultra-horny and insatiable female creatures. Hardly able to contain himself, Professor Stein readies himself to get down and dirty – but then he experiences a big surprise! Time for another attempt – one that comes to an extraordinary conclusion…

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