Private Stories 15 – Forest Nymph (1996)

Starring: Katalyn, Tracy Love, Tunde, Jenny, Veronique, Illana Moore, Cornelia, Orsolya, Nikki, Eva Tyson, Krisztina Schwartz, Nicolette, Akim, Atilla, Jake Williams, Jean Yves LeCastel, Red Bone, Rudolphe, Zoltan.
After watching the story entitled “After Hours”, you might find art much more interesting; or at least you will take a closer look the next time you see a painting of a pretty girl, A guy who is busy closing his restaurant at night, has a strange feeling of being watched. The observer appears to be a girl in a painting. She seems to be very alive, or at least knows how to fulfill a hot and nasty fuck. Let’s take a look at “Hot Cabin”, with Eva Fever and her victim! How many guys have never wished to be dragged into a cabin by a perfect stranger – a sexy girl – just to make their hottest dreams come true! “The Landlords” gives you a tip on how a poor young girl, without any money to pay the rent, can pay in other ways. And, with two landlords in the house, for sure she has to pay the rent with interest! Finally the covergirl Kriztina appears in the story “Forest Nymph”. A guy wants to cheer his depressed friend up with something special. He surprises him into the woods where the beautiful nymph, Kriztina is waiting.

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