Private Stories 14 – Sex Dream (1996)

Starring: Joe Wallac, Freddie Morse, Nic Cramer, Monika Bella, Rayveness, Tricia Devereaux, Holly Black, Judith Penn, Alan Deloin, Jake Williams, Red Bone, Zensa Raggi.
This Private Film extravaganza features several disconnected but extremely steamy vignettes starring some of the Continent’s most stunning sexual talent. German sex diva Monika in particular shines here, and redefines decadence as she rotates her attentions between three male costars. Elsewhere, a pair of feverish Eurohotties double team a handsome cafe cashier in a segment that features a very kinky surprise ending. Then Judith, all dolled up in latex, takes on a pair of rugged French hunks in a thunderous dp session. Very, very hot from end to end, this feature is in every way worthy of the respected Private label.

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