Private Movies 1 – Sex Slider Shag-A-Rama (1999)

Director: Kovi
Starring: Caroline, Nikki Anderson, Dru Berrymore, Cassandra Wild, David Perry, Christian Christoph, Sheila Rossi.
While travelling in a parallel universe, space beauties Dru Berrymore and Caroline, along with companions David Perry and Christian Christoph, encounter a world where any couple caught having sex is summarily sent to a re-education center. They connect with an underground resistance movement led by the gorgeous Cassandra Wilde and her henchmen, Nick Lang and Frank Majors, to battle the beautiful but evil female dictator, played by Nikki Anderson. It isn’t long before the cosmic cum begins to fly! The film winds down in the Private sci-fi spectacular as two of the men succeed in seducing Andersson and with the help of Wilde’s resistance fighters, return this unusual world to the joy of sex before “sliding” on to another universe filled with thrills and more daring sexual adventures!

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