Private Film 23 – Tower 3 (1995)

Starring: Aliza, Monica Tanner, Nathalie Levi, Bernadette, Manon, Rachel, Monika Tanner, Frank Versace, David Perry, Yves Baillat, Jean Yves Lecastel, Chase Manhattan, Andrea, Louise Techekan, Djamila.
All of the tower’s inhabitants are frightened to death! Why can’t the police do anything against that mysterious murderer in the black jacket who continues to commit misdeeds with complete impunity? Cynthia believes that the truth is hidden in Stephan’s house and has stolen the keys to his apartment. After lighting the control room, crazy images flash before her eyes and she finally discovers what has happened to her friend Martine. For the landlord, the situation also remains unclear, and he is rightfully worried about what he knows about Stephan, the owner of the Tower. The end of this thrilling 3-part saga unfolds, with lots of surprises mixed with suspense and high-voltage sex which can short-circuit even the clearest minds, because the ravishing beauties of this picture are enough to leave one breathless…

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