Private Film 16 – Cannes Fantasies (1994)

Starring: Hannah, Kim, Timea Margot, Angie, Lorraine, Regina, Laura, Angelica, Zana Sun, Natalie, Su-Ann, Irene, Frank, Mike, David, Karman, Daniel.
The Cannes Film Festival is the colourful backdrop to Private’s exploration of womens erotic fantasies as a group of beautiful girls reveal their deepest sexual longings…Director Frank Thring brings together a huge international cast to create an unforgettable sexual odessy. You can watch as three seductresses tease and tantalise a peeping tom. See a hot bitch enjoy a fruit orgy with a bunch of guys, relish two rubber girls getting polished up by a horny stud and much, much more including the first-ever hardcore pop video. Lovers of facials, anal sex and double penetrations will be satisfied, especially by the movie’s 14-person climatic orgy.

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