Private Eyes (1995)

Director: Scotty Fox
Starring: Holly Body, Jenteal, Sandi Beach, Kia, Melissa Hill, Brittany Fox, Victoria Lee, Pandora Padilla, Tom Chapman, Mike Horner, Steve Drake, Brick Majors, Alex Sanders.
Why is it that these kind of flimsy private eye tales are the most-used plots in the porno world? It’s been proven time and again that porno writers can’t muster up anything resembling a coherent mystery tale, so it seems odd that they’d keep trying. This latest effort concerns Kia, who’s just taken over her sister’s detective agency and has gotten a job working for a mob boss (Mike Horner). It seems a suitcase full of cash has been swiped from one of his stooges, and now it’s up to Kia to find out where it went. The whole thing wends its silly way through a bunch of flaccid dialogue scenes, but it’s all worth it once the story is forgotten and the action heats up. Some of the hottest b-grade porno starlets of the mid-90s go all out in this one, insuring that the sex, at least, keeps your undivided attention. Highlights include a leather-clad Melissa Hill taking on barkeep Tom Chapman in a steamy set-to that takes place early in the video. Melissa really takes charge of the scene, driving it through the roof with her unfettered lustfulness. Sweet Victoria Lee shines in the clinch with Mike Horner in another early grinder, while Sandi Beach romps with Alex Sanders in another gripping gropefest. Fans of lesbian lust will love the Silvia Mohlmann/Kia/Holly Morgan triad late in the flick, a dazzling display of girl-girl debauchery. A nice solid sexvid that doesn’t take its lame story too seriously.

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