Private Black Label 9 – Sex Shot (1999)

Starring: Nicole Thompson, Cassandra Wild, Laura Angel, Suzy Q., Katja Love, Stephanie Steele.
Nicole, a beautiful woman (Cassandra Wilde) and her husband Brian (Karim) are a couple just like any other, who love free sex with no bounds. Sara (Laura Angel) is a cocktail of eroticism, beauty and transgression, a triangle that generates unforgettable situations and moments of sex. Both women are involved in a complicated game that pushes them to compete for Brian. Nicole gives herself up entirely to her lovers, creating scenes of wild sex, with Brian and Sara as spectators. Around them, there are other characters and situations, a journey to a world of sex that lies between reality and fantasy. Sex Shot, a film in which each frame is a page of hard-core eroticism.

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