Private Black Label 30 – The Scottish Loveknot (2003)

Starring: Jodie Moore, Michelle Louise, Jamie Woods, Ginger Jones, Vanda, Violet.
Songs and written stories of Scotia recount how Robert Mhor conquered lands as far as the eye can see and further. But more than a great warrior, Robert was also a great lover. After a battle, it was his way to take the women of the defeated… and a woman, once possessed by Robert would never find fulfillment with any other man and remain his forever. Robert himself loved but one woman: the lady of the loch, reputed to be the most beautiful and alluring woman of all time. The tales of their lovemaking told that together they reached heights of passion unknown to other mortals. Legend says that the fates themselves became jelous, and they led Robert and his men into an ambush by his enemies… They fought bravely but finally, wounded, Robert escaped to the hills to die in the arms of his lady. The lady held him as he die, and he promised her that he would find a way to return to her, no matter how long it might take. In return she swore that she would not leave the glen until they were together again. The legend says that her spirit is still there and that she returns once every hundred years to find her lover. At these times, the fates bring to her the most renowned lovers of the day. These men are made to undergo rigorous tests of their sexual powers.

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