Private Black Label 11 – Virginia’s Story (2000)

Starring: Monica Cameron, Michelle, Kathy Divan, Dorothy Black, Virginia White, Fanny Blond, Antoanella, Caroline Cage.
Virginia White is a virginal country girl attracted to the glitter and allure of the big city. When she celebrates her 18th birthday, she decides that she’ll relocate to a near-by urban center for a bit of the high life. Trouble is, a gorgeous young country girl can get into all kinds of trouble in the big city, and that’s exactly what Virgina does when she meets a certain local guy who happens to have a real way with the ladies. He introduces her to a series of decadent and depraved pleasures, including that most European of delights, scalding anal sex. But Virginia’s affair is just too good to be true, as it turns out. That studly city boy is really a pimp, who is trying to seduce our heroine into a life of prostitution and paid-for sin. This is some of the hottest foreign erotica to hit these shores in a good, long time. The girls are typically hot and depraved, and obviously love hard-hitting anal action. Monica, Dorothy and Virgina are all heart-breaking beauties and mad-dog pervies to boot. A must-see for fans of Old world porn. e seeking high-quality Old World amateur action.

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