Prime Time (1995)

Director: Michael Zen
Starring: Jessica James, Marine Cartier, Nancy V., Nici Sterling, Rachel Love, Jake Steed, Tony Tedeschi, Vince Vouyer, Wilde Oscar.
It’s PRIME TIME, and you are, where else, but in front of the television to watch America’s sweethearts, “Bill and Koo.” Tonight, however, there’s trouble in television paradise. Bill and Koo have different ideas about what makes the perfect sexual fantasy. Their bickering turns into a battle of the sexes in front of a nationwide television viewing audience. Everybody gets into the act in order to prove the soundness of sexual variety; strippers, jungle chicks, mimes, even the bimboesque announcer. Ricky and Lucy were never like this.
My Note: This is DVD5 version so I can’t take full caps.

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