Pleasure Spots (1971)

Director: Nick Millard
Starring: Sandy Carey, Tracy Handfuss, Lynn Harris, Nancy Martin, Bob Silvani, Jane Tsentas, Al Ward.
From cult Director Steve Millard (as Nick Phillips) Spectacular looking soft-x film that wanders briefly into not-so-soft-x. The three really strong Nick Phillips softies (DELICATO, FRAULEIN LEATHER and PLEASURE SPOTS) are mastered as well as mainstream movies, are spectacular looking and feature uncommonly attractive casts. Hit the road with a roving crew as they explore California and Nevada’s hottest Pleasure Spots and expose the most sexually liberated hipsters and sensual swingers you’ll ever meet in this explicit, let your hair down time capsule of the 70’s free love era. MEET a down-on-his-luck gambler at Lake Tahoe, who calls his favorite high-priced hooker for a late night, all-you-can-eat buffet of debauchery! TRAVEL to historic Carson City and visit the nation’s first legal brothel. See the Sapphic games these girls-for-hire play when they’ve had their fill of demanding male patrons! FROLIC on the beautiful beaches of Carmel and experience matrimony in stereo as you share a bed with a proud Polygamist and his duo of insatiable wives! REVEL in the mesmerizing moves of a private erotic dancer and witness her shocking seduction of one of the film’s crewmembers! Over-flowing with mind-bending colors and mood, silicon-free babes quick to drop their groovy threads at your command! In no time at all, you’ll find you very own PLEASURE SPOTS.

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