Pirate Video Deluxe 9 – The Bride Wore Black (2000)

Starring: Catherina, Claudia Jackson, Daniella Rush, Lea De Mae, Wanda Curtis, Csoky, David Perry, Karl Ben.
When his beautiful wife is tragically killed in an automobile accident, a virile young Frenchman travels to Venice to learn why her body was never recovered from the blazing wreck. His desperate investigation leads him to a luxurious Renaissance palace and a hedonistic, wealthy Contessa and the ironic knowledge that the truth may not be what at first is suspected. Set against the melancholy backdrop of Venice in winter, the latest Pirate de Luxe from award winning director Frank Thring, showcases a top notch cast led by Czech superstar, Daniella Rush and French favorite, David Perry. Wicked wardrobe and lush locations are added to the list of Thring trademarks – the Contessa who loves nothing better than ass licking, an attorney who worships the whip, and a young bride who dreams of being doubly penetrated. With over a dozen facials, five double penetration scenes and thirteen anals, this production is a sure fire sizzler! If white is the traditional color of wedding purity, get ready to be turned upside down in “The Bride Wore Black”.

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