Pickup Lines 6 (1996)

Director: Tom Stone
Starring: Stacy Valentine, Laura Palmer, Midori, Tatiana, Alexis Dane, Peter North, Randy West, Frank Towers, Mitchel Gant, Wilde Oscar, Jeremy Steele, Scott Styles.
When Peter North spies beautiful Stacy Valentine, he can’t resist trying to pick her up. A few witty lines later, he brings her back to his beach house and scores. Their scene is truly hot, and the spectacularly huge mouthful of jism she takes must be seen to be believed. Stacy feels it makes for awesome video footage, and she’s proud to show it to her friends. The video unfolds…
A cowboy picks up sexy Selena at the gas station, and soon he’s getting a fantastic blow-job as he tools down the freeway. They wind up in a pool in Malibu. Sunning by her own pool, lovely Laura Palmer is approached by her neighbor, who finagles an invitation for a swim. Swimming becomes outdoor oral sex, and soon they move to the bedroom for a serious fuck. At a stoplight Randy West suavely seduces Midori into following him home. The result is wildly erotic sex, and horny Midori doesn’t stop until she’s had her hungry butthole reamed! A movie producer tours Hollywood in a stretch limo. He expertly picks up starlet Devin from the car window, and they make passionate love in the limo. When Alex Dane gets into trouble in a swimming pool, she’s rescued by a lifeguard. Feeling thankful (and horny), she takes him on right by the pool, and gives him a special reward: He gets to fuck her in the ass…
Stacy’s friends, Tatiana and Scott, are turned on by her video footage. Her only regret is that she didn’t get her asshole fucked, but what are friends for? They have a delicious three-way, and Stacy finally gets her anal satisfaction.

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