Pickup Lines 4 (1996)

Director: Tom Stone
Starring: Laurie Michaels, Lana Sands, Tracy Love, Nici Sterling, Alexia Dane, Marine Cartier, Yasmine Pendavis, Chelsea Blue, Peter North, Eric Price, Wilde Oscar, Frank Towers, Sean Rider, Justin Myers, Ed Powers.
This scalding gonzo series features a variety of the porn world’s most sought-after starlets, and presents them in surroundings which are always top drawer. Add to this the consistently flawless visuals associated with this series and plenty of rafter-rattling coitus, and you’ve got one of the very best porn verité lines going these days. This time out, Lana Sands leads the pack crafting her performance from her famous store of raw, unbridled eroticism and pure, uncut carnality. The light-skinned sista hits the screen like a molotov COCKtail, and with her athletic, sweaty romp session will have the viewer fumbling for the rewind button in no time. Then there’s Alex Dane, whose outing here is arguably the best of show. Teamed with Alex Sanders, Ms. Dane twists and contorts her petite, rock-hard frame, accommodating Alex in every position imaginable until they finally roar through a climactic backdoor session. This is polished, no-holds-barred erotica starring a cast of performers which is both stunning and at the very top of its game. A must see.

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