Pickup Lines 3 (1996)

Director: Tom Stone
Starring: Jill Kelly, Lana Sands, Lori Michaels, Casey, Marine Cartier, Demi Fairbanks, Frankie Layne, Vince Voyeur, Peter North, Steve Drake, Michael J. Cox, Ed Powers, Sean Rider, Tony Martino.
The old “vacationing friends have sex and watch porno” routine gets trotted out for the third time in this highly erotic video treat. The vacationing couples are played by Lana Sands, Marine Cartier, Peter North and Steve Drake, and they get together early and often to show one another the depths of their lust. Peter and Marine enjoy a wondrously erotic shower sizzler that opens the proceedings in fine fashion. A burst of pure erotic intensity hits the screen every time Lana steps in front of the camera, and her torrid tryst in a boat with Steve ranks as one of the video’s absolute hottest. Frankie Layne looks adorable in her scene, running around an apartment until her beau catches her and pulls her out of her tiny little panties. The most alluring woman in the video, though, might just be saucy little Casey, a vivacious sex magnet who lets a pair of studs share her in a passionate poolside fling. In the closer, Ed Powers brings cute-as-a-button Tracy Love on camera for a pro-am style interview and sex scene. Tracy really gets into the action, making it clear that she’s having a fantastic time throughout (even if it is Ed that’s on top of her). “Very Erotic!” — XVG.

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