Pickup Lines 2 (1995)

Director: Tom Stone
Starring: Goldie Star, Jill Kelly, Alex Dane, Nicole Jefferson, Taboo, Kim Kataine, Nici Sterling, Demi Fairbanks, Felecia, Laurie Michaels, Peter North, Vince Voyeur, Sean Rider, Ceran Morris, Wilde Oscar, Ed Powers.
The second installment of the fiery series pretty much follows the format of the original — a group of horny pals sits around and watches a series of porno scenes, eventually winding up in one another’s ready arms. This time, it’s Jill Kelly, Demi Fairbanks, Vince Voyeur and Peter North who lounge around and get turned on, and they provide a suitably sexy centerpiece to the wild rides around them. Gorgeous gal-lover Felecia turns in another steamy Sapphic tryst, taking on Laurie Cameron in an eye-popping scene. And when Felecia’s done with her, Laurie calls in Sean Rider to finish her off in a frantic takedown. Nici Sterling and Alex Dane enjoy the attentions of Wilde Oscar in another over-the-top scene, a threesome in which both gals get to revel in some back door boffing. The highlight of the flick might just be the raucous fourway fling between Jill, Demi, Peter and Vince, a great-looking pile of bodies that makes the most of their time together. Sure these are seasoned sex pros, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not having a great time. A mesmerizing threeway between pretty Nicole Jefferson, Taboo and Ed Powers closes things out in nicely torrid fashion.

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