Pickup Lines 1 – The Movie (1995)

Director: Tom Stone
Starring: Jill Kelly, Leanna Foxxx, Nancy Vee, Missy, Alex Dane, Tabitha, Tatyana, Nikole Lace, Stephanie Swift, Nyrobi Knight, Marine Cartier, Peter North, Vince Voyeur, Frank Towers, Bam Bam, Alex Sanders, Gerry Pike, Ed Powers.
In the opening salvo from this steamy series, we’re treated to some of the most deliriously delectable damsels in 90’s porn. The video meanders about, sometimes following the exploits of some horny friends, sometimes showing clips from a mythical porno flick called “The Pick-Up Artist.” Whatever it is that they’re showing, though, you can count on it being white-hot. Jill Kelly and Missy prove to be an unbeatable combination when they treat Vince Voyeur to a threeway ride to ecstasy in one of the flick’s hottest moments. Tasty Tatyana proves to be more than a match for Gerry Pike in a searing scene in the back of a sports utility vehicle. For raw sexual hunger, it’s hard to top Nikole Lace and Nancy Vee, a pair of hardbodied ravishers who work Peter North into a frantic frenzy. Tabitha dazzles (as usual) in an early scene, taking on Bam Bam in a frenzied and extremely energetic romp. There’s lots more where that came from as the producers have lined up some truly ravenous sexual performers and let them loose on one another. A great beginning to a highly-charged series.

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