Phollastia (1987)

Directors: Jess Franco, Lina Romay
Starring: A. Bartos, M. Fernández Moreno, José Miguel García, C. González Ordi, Elisa Mateo, Lina Romay, R. Sáez Montoro.
The Carringtons are on the verge of breaking up: Blake, the husband, is no longer able to stand the amount of money his wife Kristy spends at the beauty parlour; their daughter Falon makes love in secret and hides her lover in a wardrobe; their homosexual son Alan is vamped by Dorothy the maid and, to cap it all, Blal<e’s ex-wife throws a cat among the pigeons when she demands money and property. But everything will turn out alright, in an orgy of pleasure and drugs…

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