Petites Filles Au Bordel (1980)

AKA: Dream Girls In A Brothel
Starring: Julia Perrier, Sophie Duflot, Catherine Greiner, Claude Frank, Hubert Geral, Mandarine, Tony Taylor, Frederique, Marilyn Jess, Michel De Nyokinos, Santos Cartier, Henry Darbac, Dominique Aveline, Jean-Pierre Armand, Guy Vonnafoux, Gaston Meunier, Claude Montal, Cyril Val.
Set in Paris in 1926 in a beautiful Victorian mansion, Open Nightly is a fantastic piece of classic erotica. The story revolves around a young girl who is serving her apprenticeship into the family business – prostitution. She comes face to face with the sex act at very close quarters several time until her father teaches her how to do a blow job, on him! Only then is she ready for induction to the glamorous brothel life. Dressed as a bride, the willing young girl is the prize of a card game played by wealthy, cigar-smoking gentlemen. Naturally the lucky winner takes her virginity. With a huge cast and a warm authentic feel, this is in the same class as the top classics, with excellent attention to detail, a riveting story, plenty of kinky sex – porn that will resound in your mind (and trousers) long after you’ve finished watching the movie.

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