Persia’s Back (1995)

Director: Joey Angel
Starring: Persia, Sofia Ferrari, Kristy Waay, Christina West, Mr. Marcus, Ron Jeremy, Jake Williams, Magnum D..
Persia plays herself in this action-packed sex video that has a good laugh at the expense of the porn industry itself. After returning from a stint in Europe’s hardcore scene, Persia finds that much is still the same about the American side of the biz. Including the fact that she’s still signed to an exclusive deal with sleazy porno producer Jake Williams. With the help of a crafty lawyer (Magnum D.) and his fast-talking negotiator (Ron Jeremy), Persia’s set her sights on getting out of her unfair contract. Along the way, of course, there’s lots of back door bodaciousness as Persia uses every trick she’s got to finagle her way into a new deal. Persia’s hottest scene finds her entertaining Magnum and Mr. Marcus back-to-back in a totally tawdry tag team romp. Also of note is dirty girl Kristina West, who shows Jake a good time in an early romp, then gets down to some serious scandalizing with Sophia Ferrari and Ron. Lots of rear entry raunch keeps this one humming along despite some pretty ridiculous situations.

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