Peepholes (1982)

Director: Vince Benedetti
Starring: Bobby Astyr, Ginger Jay, Long Jeanne Silver, Mai Lin, R Bolla, Velvet Summers.
“Peepholes” is a crime melodrama of a drug raid that takes place in an apartment building. It stars Mai Lin as Sherry Lane, a tenant in the building, and Bobby Astyr as Howard the depraved janitor who gets off secretly watching the tenants. Champagne, a stunning newcomer, plays Brenda Miles, an undercover cop who wants a promotion so bad she can taste it, opposite Richard Bolla who portrays Captain Walls. They plan a bust in which Brenda must infiltrate a drug ring using a beauty salon as a front. Brenda and Sherry Meet at the beauty salon and consummate a deal. The story draws to a startling climax as the deal goes down and Brenda’s cover is blown, but the real surprise is on Howard.

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