Party Doll A Go-Go 1 (1991)

Starring: Patricia Kennedy, Jenna Fine, Nikki Wilde, Madison, Raven, Tianna, Bionca, Peter North, Tom Byron, Randy Spears.
Director Rinse Dream has cooked up another fast-paced and funny winner with this vignette-driven spoof. This time out he’s crafted a zany, Laugh In-style video that doesn’t waste a moment on plot or story at all. Rather, he’s combined white-hot sex and some wacky one-liners and sillyness, creating a psychedelic romp that really pulls off most of what it’s attempting. It plays like a 60’s variety show that’s chock-full of blistering action. To keep a plotless flick like this on the right track calls for women who can crank up the heat without needing to fall back on sexy situations or characters. That’s where Dream has really outdone himself, as he’s brought together some of the hardest-charging gals in 90’s porn and set them loose on their partners. All of these gals are rough and ready for action, able to raise temperatures with a sexy strut or lascivious leer. Jeanna Fine really shines, turning in some teeth-grinding work and Madison makes the most of her carnal chances, letting the camera savor every inch of her boobulous body during a sweaty and salacious scene. Technically magnificent, Dream has created a top-notch example of erotic entertainment whose video work is every bit as nice as the women it’s depicting…

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