Part-Time Stewardess (1988)

Director: Wendy Adams
Beverly Glen, Whitney Prince, Dick Sharp, Lenny Strong, Tim Newsome.
What so horny stewardesses do when they’re not flying the wild blue yonder? Well, if they’re anything like Rachel and Beverly, they sit around the pool and invite some equally horny studs to the pad for a wet time in the pool and a hot time in the sack.
Rachel is a stacked blonde with boobs out to h-e-r-e, and she likes to show of her fabulous body in tight-fitting blue one-piece bathing suit as she suns herself. When a handsome young guy peeps over the wall at her, he can’t resist climbing into the patio and going for a fast feel of her goodies. Being a playful lady, she promptly boots him into the water.
But the water is no place to get the kind of wetness the both crave, so this part-time stewardess (and all-the-time horny female) takes him inside to the bedroom. When she pulls off her bathing suit to reveal her lovely figure and all its naked glory, he can’t keep his hands and mouth off her already-tingling erogenous zones. Eager to get to the nitty-gritty herself, Racel removes the stud’s bathing trunks to expose just what she knew was hidden there – an objet of desire that makes her mouth wather and her loins quiver with pleasant anticipation.
Returning to her sunbathing, this popular lass is visited by two young hunks, who swim in her pool to get cool and wallow in her bed to get hot. What follows os a three-way that almost sets her mattress on fire.
Her roomie Beverly is a short-haired perky blonde who finds herself two guys to fool around with. The guys don’t even bother with the pool. They take Bev into the house, undress her, and engage her in an assortment of positions that results in everyone having a good time.
Beveryly has a flight to catch, but she manages to work in a girl-to-girl couch session with her roomate Rachel that proves two girls can stay on the ground and still fly united.

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