Paolina Venere Imperiale (1998)

AKA: Paolina
La Nymphomane Impériale
Paolina Borghese Ninfomane Imperiale
Paolina La Troia Imperiale
Director: Luca Damiano
Starring: Milly D’Abbraccio, Lea Martini, Erika Bella, Regina Sipos, Betty Anderson, Baby Nielsen, Carolina Spagnoli.
Paolina (Milly D’Abbraccio), a beautiful and imperial Venus, poses for the sculpture of the statue by Canova while narrating the most exciting episodes of her life. Also stars Betty Anderson, Erika Bella, Francesco Malcom & Lea Martini. Directed by Luca Damiano and filmed in Italy. 7 scenes with beautiful women in beautiful costumes. Includes, threesomes, foursome, lesbian act, interracial sex, orgy and anal sex.

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