Pandora’s Mirror (1981)

Director: Warren Evans
Starring: Veronica Hart, Jamie Gillis, Candy Barbour, Marlene Willoughby, Heather Gordon, Merle Michaels, Tiffany Clark, Frederick Foster, Sandy Hilman, Annie Sprinkle, George Payne, Jerry Butler, Dave Ruby, Ron Hudd, Roy Stuart, Marc Valentine, Robin Sane, Celeste Bon.
Pandora goes to an antique-furniture store and discovers a remarkable mirror. The owner won’t sell it; he claims it’s possessed. But she insists, and the owner allows her to “borrow” it for a few days. When she gets home, she stares into the mirror and discovers that it shows her sexual episodes that took place throughout the ages. This elegant, high-class entertainment presents a variety of costume sex-dramas and some wonderfully kinky action.

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