Pandora Peaks – A Peek Of Pandora (2000)

Starring: Pandora Peaks, RayVeness, Envy.
A Peek of Pandora is supposed to spotlight Pandora Peaks. Many might recognize Pandora from the mainstream movie Striptease . She’s also done quite a few photo spreads in many mens magazines. If you’ve seen her, you’ll probably recognize her as she’s kind of hard to forget. Peaks doesn’t quite begin to describe her chest. Each breast is as big as her head. I’m not quite sure how she can even stand upright. She seems like a very nice person, which is one of the best things about the feature.
All three ladies get a chance to show themselves as real people. At the start of the feature, they each get around ten minutes to just themselves where they talk about themselves and how they got into the business and then do a little strip tease. Pandora also talks about some of her world travels. When it comes to the tease, Pandora does a good job, but not nearly as good as the other ladies. Envy does a very hot job and I was about to start looking through my collection to see what else I had with her in it. Rayveness, however, steals the show during the strip tease. I admit that I’m a little partial to Rayveness as she has a great natural body. Of course, it takes a lot more than just a great body. Rayveness appears to be having the time of her life doing the tease. Her smile lights up her entire face and it seems like a natural smile rather than a forced smile. It’s enough to give me a lot of hope for the rest of the feature.
After the interview and tease, the girls head out by the pool where Envy and Rayveness oil up Pandora. It’s a warm scene and nothing too memorable. There is some dildo action later in the scene, but the majority of the scene is tongue action. Rayveness leaves to come back with a dildo for each girl and they all take a turn with a dildo. It’s a nice and calm scene, but it isn’t exactly exciting.
Next, Pandora shows off a little leather fetish wear while running a rose across her body. She talks a little about sex until Rayveness shows up and starts to spank her. This scene is a little warmer than the previous scene, but it isn’t exactly hot. It is fun, however, since both girls really appear to be enjoying themselves.
Finally, the three girls take a bubble bath together. This is the hottest of the three scenes and each girl gets a chance to be worked over by the other two. There’s some dildo action once again but mostly it’s a natural all girl scene. It’s a very sexy scene and the camera work is probably the best out of the three scenes. Finally, Pandora and Rayveness kiss goodbye.
A Peek of Pandora is a little surprising. Although it’s supposed to be about Pandora, it’s Envy and especially Rayveness that really shine in it. It’s also very different for an all girl feature. It’s very pretty and very tame. It almost strikes me as an all-girl feature for women, which I wouldn’t expect to go over too well. It is a decent feature, just one that I think has a very small audience.

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