Outlaws 2 – The Final Assault (1999)

Director: Joe D’Amato
Starring: Rocco Siffredi, Antonella Del Lago, Ursula Moore, Jade, Kristina Varga, Maria De Sanchez, Phillippe Dean, Roberto Malone, Richard Lengin, Bruno Sx, Ramon, Oliver Sanchez.
Sin City Films presents part two of Joe D’ Amatos sexual blockbuster Outlaws, starring the King of the Big Guns Rocco Siffredi and a sizzling cast of interracial sex stars, the story continues as a ruthless gang of sex-crazed desperados terrorize a helpless town and it’s women with a non-stop orgy of perversion and mayhem. Like a band of avenging angels, Rocco and his crew answer the call…with guns blazing. They save the town and the women from a fate worse than death. Eternally grateful, the women show Rocco and his boys how the west was really won.

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