Osceno (1987)

Starring: Anna Petrovna, Christophe Clar, Denise Dior, Giusy Bella, Jessica Stehl, Karin Schubert, Marina Hedman, Jean-Pierre Armand, Roberto Malone.
Jessica Stehl is hosting a tea party at which she and four other women confess their kinkiest sexual encounters. Marina Lotar and Karin Shubert are present, going by their own names and looking way too old and tired to be doing this (especially Marina). For some reason they mention the mating habits of the rhinoceros and we are presented with some great big uncut horns in stock footage. Denise Dior, the youngest and blondest of the ladies, gets so aroused by this she starts bothering her dog. This is sick stuff, and it does not get any better after the opening credits.

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