Orgies Romaines 2 (1991)

AKA: Geile Zeiten Sperma Epochen
Viaggio Nel Tempo 2
Return To The Future 2
Starring: Blondie, Christine Rigoler, Gabriella Mirelba, Jade De Vit, Joy Karin’s, Laura Valerie, Magdalena Meyer, Miss Pomodoro, Sharon Mare, Christoph Clark, Franco D’Alessi, Massimo Lotti, Roberto Malone, Rocco Siffredi, Vincent Guerra, Yves Baillat.
Franco and Roberto – shortstop. They are carefree and adventurous. Travel through time – it is something that can entertain anyone, let alone such gouging and even more so! Providing in different eras: among American Indians in the Roman Empire in the nineteenth century – they are all looking for one thing – who would have sex. And finds that, perhaps, not surprising as sex, he in a tepee – SEX! And women at all times, like one – satisfaction, but not in a duel, and in bed.

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