Orgie En Noir (2000)

AKA: Orgy In Black
Starring: Daniella Rush, Dora Venter, Sandra Russo, Critotal, Ovidie, Karna, Barbara Flores, Diosa, Severin, Titof, Reda, Marc Barrow, Bruno Aissix, James, Christopher Lee.
Edouard and Ursala are addicted to the fast lane. Always looking for stronger thrills, they decide to explore a haunted cemetery. They have hardly enough time to satisfy their animals desires, when the are captured by a small cult of the living dead. Now sexual slaves, they are forced to obey the twisted fantasies of the Queen of the Dead. From now on, the couple has only one obsession: escape the prison of this debauched and unholy cemetery. And in their futile attempts, they may just unearth the most startling mystery of all…Orgy in Black. Orgie en Noir was born of a challenge: to make a movie that is entirely new. For this, MARC DORCEL gave the script writing and movie direction to a young lady who had never experienced this before: OVIDIE, a 20 year old philosophy graduate. Orgie en Noir introduces innovations with the feminine touch, unique to adult. It brings together two genres: Explicit Sex and Dark Fantasy. A beautiful movie you can enjoy alone as well as with your partner.

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