One Night In Bangkok (1985)

Starring: Kristara Barrington, Mai Lin, Mariko, John Leslie, Tish Ambrose, Tess Ferre.
All hands on deck and shiver your timbers to a honky-tonk beat! Four salty seamen and their deep-diving skipper (John Leslie) go on a share-whore leave that they won’t soon forget! As soon as this one-day liberty starts, these boys are out of their submarine and onto the streets lickity split! Innocent Phil is the first guy to score when a not-so-innocent Japanese joy-girl takes his home for her own private cherry festival! But what about his three other buddies? Rich-kid Billy tangles two luscious female M.O’s who know a thing or two about love enforcement while the two screw-ups (Bobby and Randy) engage the carnal services of two willing and bawdy bar-girls. And where does, ‘The Chief’ end up in this non-stop 24 hours of lust?…Rekindling the fire-hot spark of love with his old flame Mai Lin! Banzai baby! Everyone get their fill and more in One Night in Bangkok!


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