Nothing To Hide 4 – Club Purgatory (1999)

Director: James Avalon
Starring: Gwen Summers, Melissa Hill, Caroline Pierce, Goldie McHawn, Flower Edwards, Herschel Savage.
After fainting at her mother’s house, Ariel wakes up to discover her world has been strangely altered. Instead of an innocent young woman, she is now a prostitute at a high-class brothel. Is she play-acting an erotic game for one of her clients, or is she really a psycho hiding in a labyrinth of dark, sexual illusions? In “Club Purgatory” the erotic adventures of “Justine Daughter” continues even deeper into fascinating cinematic imaginary and twisted sexual encounters with acclaimed director James Avalon’s flair for capturing the dark side of the libido. Starring Gwen Summers, Flower, Caroline Pierce, Herschel Savage and British natural-busty bombshell, Goldie.

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