Nina Hartley’s Guide To Foreplay (1997)

Starring: Nina Hartley, Missy, Midori, Mickey G.
Discover the appetizers that can make sex a four-star banquet! This unique how-to guide to foreplay is presented by Nina in a relaxed yet always arousing format. Highlights includes Nina joining Midori and Michael in a hands-on (an in!) exploration of a woman’s pleasure points. From a couple’s first kiss (yes, there is a best way!) to vigorous vaginal fingering, these techniques can improve anyone’s sex life. (Midori’s full-bore orgasm is not to be missed!) Plus see Missy demonstrate how to pleasure a man’s genitals, a multi-hands fondling fantasy, and Nina and Micky G.’s auto tryst –licking, sucking, stroking to orgasm.

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