Niccole The Story Of O (1972)

Director: Anthony Spinelli
Starring: Suzanne Fields, Eve Orlon, Richard Smedley, Sheldon Lee, Keith Erickson.
Nicole, the Story of O, provides some interesting moments, which bestow the film roughie status. You have a whole multitude of perversion on display, ranging from necrophilia, bondage, abuse, slapping, cum eating, rough fucking, and arm twisting just to name a few. …(skipping lots of details, etc, to conclusion).. Nicole, the Story of O is a wonderful adult roughie that possesses some genuine surprises along the way. The picture quality may be rated 3/10, but the film itself is highly rated as 10/10. Excellent acting, decent sex scenes, expressive bondage, and a fantastic score raises Nicole, the Story of O from the depths of dissatisfying sentiment which the picture quality alone would have granted it.

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