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15/06/2017: I saw some reports about extracting files. Please use latest Winrar version to extract files (Winrar 5.5 Beta 5). Some old Winrar versions don’t work with new movies I’ve just added. You can download Winrar for free HERE
23/05/2017: I will offline 5-7 days to do some personal things. New updates will be posted when I come back. Just relax & Enjoy 🙂
02/04/2017: From now on I will stop using Bigfile. They’re going down and doesn’t pay for uploading. They deleted 99% files of mine. Now we’ve only Nitroflare. NF deletes inactive files very fast so you will see a lot of files are dead. I will re-upload everyday. This is the last time I post my request for the support. Here is my last 8 days earnings from NF. With that earnings I think I will close 3xmax very soon if I don’t have your support. Please buy NF premium account via my banner to support 3xmax. I will do my best to re-upload dead files and hope you will support 3xmax through this hard time. Please please be patient.
Thank you so much !!!
09/03/2017: I’m back after the treatment of neck and back pain. We’ve a lot of dead links because of inactive or DMCA. I will re-upload everyday, you can request re-upload any dead link. Again, my earnings are NOT enough to keep 3xmax alive longer so please do more support.
Thank you so much !!!
With 30$ you will get 3 months Nitroflare premium account + 1 month FREE. This offer will end soon. Hurry Up 🙂
13/12/2016: I’m having health problems so new updates will be delayed. Everything will be back to normal soon. Hope you will do more support to keep 3xmax alive longer. Thank you so much !!!
19/10/2016: 3xmax needs your support ASAP to alive. Please click on Nitroflare banner on this site to buy a premium account to support 3xmax if you can. My current earnings are not enough to keep 3xmax alive longer (I have to pay for server & premium account costs). Here is my poor earnings in last 6 days. As you saw Nitroflare deletes inactive files very fast so I’m working hard to re-upload dead movies everyday. Close 3xmax or not it’s up to you.
Thank for your understanding !!!

19/06/2016: A lot of Nitroflare inactive files were deleted. I’m working hard to reup dead links for last 2 months. Please report dead links if you see (Max is 5 movies/day/visitor). 3xmax has low traffic so please introduce more your friends to support this site.
Again, please purchase a Nitroflare premium account via Nitroflare banner to support 3xmax and get more rare movies. Thank you so much !!!
18/04/2016: Imagetwist is having problems so you don’t see covers & screenshots. Please wait while they’re fixing. Thank you !!!
01/03/2016: A good news – Uploadable.ch now is Bigfile.to. All Uploadable links will be redirected to Bigfile.to. I will add Bigfile mirror for all new uploads.
04/01/2016: This year I will update more classic movies for all. Seems Uploadable won’t be back. I’m finding 2nd mirror. In this time I only use Nitroflare mirror. Please support 3xmax to get more rare movies. Thank you so much & Happy New Year 2016 🙂
03/12/2015: Seems Uploadable will be back in the next 2 weeks. I’ll add Uploadable mirror when they’re back.
Nitroflare only pays me if your premium account sold out via my Nitroflare links (They don’t pay for downloading files. All earnings now are from Nitroflare. 3xmax doesn’t have ADS to earn extra money, I want to keep my site in clean). At this hard times I only get a few sales per week so very hard to keep my site alive. I hope everybody will support 3xmax through this hard times (I will create images hosting to host Covers & Screenshots without ADS for all when everything is fine).
Thank you so much !!!
13/11/2015: From now on I will stop using Uploadable. They lose payment processor (We will be ceasing PPD & PPS from the 10th of November until we get a new processor up – News from Uploadable). This is a temporary change. I will support Uploadable mirror when new processor is up. This is the hard time of all uploaders. Please stand by me and other uploaders.
Thanks for your understanding.
22/09/2015: Next month I will stop using Uploaded mirror (From today new uploads won’t have Uploaded mirror, I still post Uploaded mirror for uploaded movies but I’m still not published). Almost uploaders stopped using them due to poor earnings. With 1EU per day I can’t keep my site alive. You can see my hard works. Last 4 months I only got 5 sales from Uploaded.
Primary mirror is Nitroflare, 2nd mirror is Uploadable. I’m finding 3rd mirror. Hope you will switch to Nitroflare to support 3xmax.
With 30$ you will get 3 months Nitroflare premium account + 1 month FREE. This offer will end soon. Hurry Up 🙂
P/s: If you want Nitroflare mirror for any movie please request, I will add for you 🙂
11/09/2015: From now on, I will set Premium Only files for requests via email or Contact Us. I have a lot of requests and my earning is very poor. I can’t keep my site alive longer with poor earnings. Please support me, I will do my best for all. Thanks for your understanding.
30/08/2015: Dear Visitors, 3xmax.com – Unlimited Porn is a FREE porn site. You can download a lot of porn movies (Classic & Modern). After 3 months worked hard now we’ve over 3000 movies. I’ll update 40-50 movies per day so visit my site daily to get your favorite movies.
Google Search has removed 3xmax.com so please help me get more traffic by refer your friends. My earnings from filehosts are NOT enough to pay for server costs and premium accounts now so please support 3xmax by click on filehosts banner to register a premium account. You don’t lose anything but you can support 3xmax & download with fastest speed. With poor earnings I can’t keep 3xmax alive longer that’s why I need your support ASAP at this hard times.
Here are my referrals: Nitroflare Uploaded Uploadable now is Bigfile
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Now we’ve 3 mirrors: Primary mirror is Nitroflare, 2nd is Uploadable & 3rd is Uploaded (My choice is Uploaded or Nitroflare for upgrading to premium account). All links are interchangeable. Old uploads didn’t have Nitroflare but if you register Nitroflare premium account under my referral then you can request, I will add for you.
A lot of good movies are waiting for you so upgrade to premium ASAP. Next month I will start adding Private series (Private Movies, Private Gold, The Private Life Of, Private Extreme, Private Gaia…) and some good series. I will open XXX Requests when everything is fine.
To Visitors from 3xupdate.com: Ryushare went down and hard time has come to my life 🙁 Please support me as you did. I will do as I can.
Thank you for visit my site. Enjoy 🙂