New Wave Hookers 7 (2003)

Starring: Tawny Roberts, Dru Berrymore, Kiki Daire, Beauty, Mary Carey, Belladonna, Honey, Sabrine Maui, Mia Smiles, Rick Roberts, Rafe, Kyle Stone, Chris Cannon, Joel Lawrence, Guy Disilva, Tyce Bune, Steve Hatcher.
In the 7th Installment of the legendary saga, Passolini serves up a strange tale of alien invaders, mystic swamis, giant eyeballs, and drive in movies all with the characteristic flare and relentless sexual bravado that porn fans have come to know and love. In 7 stiffering scenes that explore every orifice known to man and alien no erotic stone goes unturned as the viewer is taken on a strange and twisted journey through the nether regions of the human psyche-and the raw depths of our most carnal desires. Unlike any movie before it, New wave hookers 7 is an experiment that pushes the boundaries of your imagination, tests the limits of your sanity, and gets you all hot and bothered at the same time. Oh yeah, and its kind of weird too. You’ll dig it the most man.

No Pass

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