Nessun Rimorso (2003)

AKA: Fesselnde Stories
Starring: Simona Sun, Angela Houston, Stacy Silver, Sandy Style, Franco Trentalance, Remigio Zampa, Gabriel Montoya, Miro Da Nola.
The Italian director of this film can be characterized by having a very hard style, combined with fetish elements. The anal scenes are those where Susi Medusa Gottardi is more focused and there will be etched in your memory because of the voracious way with which they are realized. You’ll see why they call her Medusa, when you take one look her movies, you’ll be as hard as stone!
An old rake, on his deathbed, receives a visit from a friend of integrity, but instead of repenting of the manner in which he conducted his life, he proudly recounts several episodes in Quail reflected the influence of his sister, a creature of sexual ambiguity.

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