Naughty Nurses (1986)

Director: Marc Curtis
Starring: Robin Cannes, Stacey Donovan, Bunny Bleu, Josephine Carrington, Beverly Bliss, Harry Reems, Peter North, Marc Wallice, Craig Roberts, David Sanders.
There’s something about this feature that makes me think I’ve seen this before. Is it the music score? No, that’s just a derivative of some of the pop hits I hear on the radio nowadays. Could it be the sex? Maybe After all, there’s only so many ways to “do it,” and the way it’s done here can be seen just about anywhere. But wait a minute! I know what it is! It’s Harry Reems as a comical doctor, who cures a girl’s (Robin Cannes) sexual problems after he discovers her clitoris is in her throat. Sound familiar to you? And he even makes a reference to that famous film of about 12 years ago (and that girl “Linda something or other”), where just like with Cannes “deep throat” saved the day. Sex scenes are spliced together with “flash cards” saying who’ll be doing what to whom, and Bunny Bleu, in one brief scene, is the only actress to actually wear a nurses uniform. Stacey Donovan, the alleged other “nurse,” I don’t think says more than three words during her two brief stints on screen.

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