Naked Desert (1995)

Director: Layne Parker
Starring: Anna Malle, Kylie Ireland, Sandi Beach, Marc Wallice, Steven St. Croix, Hank Armstrong.
There’s something about this stretch of desert that makes travelers ravenously amorous. Maybe it’s the wide open spaces. Maybe it’s the wildness of it, or the way the hot desert wind feels against bare skin. Or maybe it’s the white clad nymph which appears to people at the moment of orgasm and who seems to have more than a little to do with helping people get to that particular point. Anna Malle is the nymph, and her performance here is another in a long line of super-enthused, voraciously horny outings for the raven-haired sex queen. Her side-saddle booty boff with Hank Armstrong is a show-stopper, as is her sapphic threesome with Sandi Beach and Kylie Ireland. Hotter than the Mojave at noon on Independence Day.

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