Naked Bodies (2001)

Director: Michael Zen
Starring: Devinn Lane, Brittany Andrews, Syren, Lola, Bridgette Kerkove, Justine Romee, Chris Cannon, Mickey G., Evan Stone, Kyle Stone.
Sweet, naive and beautiful Amy and her husband Brian have the perfect marriage or so she thinks. One thing bothers her about their marriage though, that they rarely spend time together because of all the late nights Brian puts in at the office. On her birthday, Amy’s world is turned upside down when her friend Christy discovers a torn up photo in Brian’s pocket. As Christy assembles the pieces of the photo, the truth about Brian’s late nights is revealed. Brian has been cheating on Amy—with her masseuse Katherine! As the shock wears off and realization sets in, Christy, Katherine and Amy ploy to teach Brian a lesson he will never forget! Once a cheater, always a cheater right? After these girls get through with him, Brian may never want to look at another woman again. Revenge is sweet.

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