Mystique (1980)

AKA: Enthüllte Geheimnisse
Director: Roberta Findlay
Starring: Erica Richardson, Georgina Spelvin, Helen Madigan, Merle Michaels, Patricia West, Samantha Fox, Yolanda Bonnea, Bobby Kassner, David Ruby, Jack Teague, Dick Howard, Randy West, Ron Jeremy, Vaughn Mitchell.
Georgina Spelvin plays Alma, a professional photographer, who retreats to her beach house to recuperate from an unspecified illness. She meets Cosima (Samantha Fox), a strange and unpredictable woman, and is fascinated by her. The pair become lovers but Alma’s neediness brings out a cruel streak in Cosima who installs her low life friends into the older woman’s house. Alma is manipulated into various humiliating sexual situations by Cosima and her friends. It climaxes in an orgy where Alma seemingly succumbs to the depravity and begins to enjoy it.

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