My Wildest Date (1989)

Starring: Ashley Winger, Brandy Alexandre, Darla Rascal, Terry Love, Tiffany Jordan, Victoria Paris, Buck Adams, Chip Dale, Rock Love, Tim Ryan.
The universally recognized ingredients for a killer date are a beautiful someone to share it with, stimulating conversation and, let’s be honest, some blazing sex to top things off. And, as most of us know, while all three is ideal, beauty and sex isn’t bad! And that’s what this title delivers, ravishing people doing what they were born to do, screw each other senseless. While the dialogue won’t strike fear into the heart of Shakespear, the erotic factor throughout the film is so high that it would! Kelly Jaye and Buck Adams get things rolling with a smoking scene that leaves both thespians warmed up to deliver some really bad/funny lines and some truly zipper-busting sex! It sets the erotic pace for the rest of the film: Turn up the volume when the clothes come off for a great erotic time.

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