My Travels With The Tramps (1993)

AKA: Seymore Butts’ My Travels With The Tramps
Director: Seymore Butts
Starring: Shane, Sabrina, Rosie, Anita Rinaldi, Heather Lee, Jane, Cousin Phil, Santino Lee, Roy Bridge, Frank, Darren Dare, Yvonne.
Where do I begin? we get to the airport and are told our airline is on strike. How’s that for a start? It gets better! We ended up getting lost in europe! However it turned out to be a good thing, because our getting lost got us to paris, which indirectly led me and Shane to make a bet as to which one of us could stir something up first. We set out to settle the bet in milan, Italy, all I can say is…How do expect me to compete with that tight little ass, or those big beautiful melons? It was there in Milan that Shane truly earned the title of tramp!!! I want a rematch!!!
When we get back home, I finally get to meet sabrina (the little girl from Shane’s river trip) actually, consin Phil got to know her a lot better than I did! The girl is hot!!! After cousin Phil deposits his load on sabrinas face, Shane informs me that she’s off to vegas with Rosie. Wait til you see what they do to some poor, unsuspecting waiter when they lure him up to their hotel, room. Let’s just say the girls tipped him well!
Enjoy… I did SEYMORE

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