My Surrender (1996)

AKA: Candida Royalle’s My Surrender
Starring: Jeanna Fine, Alex Sanders, Nici Sterling, Wilde Oscar, Jill Kelly, Mark Davis, Gina Rome, Claudio Cazzo, Veronica Hart, Candida Royalle.
Candida Royalle’s films have won praise from lots of people who love porn, and even some people who don’t. her approach to erotica is very sexy, which is to say produced from a woman’s point of view and tailored to accommodate a female viewer’s tastes as well as those of the industry’s male general public. This time out, Jeanna Fine stars as a woman who runs a company which caters to upscale couples who want a filmed (and private) record of themselves making love. The couples make up scenarios for themselves, and then act them out on camera. Jill Kelly plays a porn producer trying out a new porn stud, her boyfriend Mark Davis. Nici Sterling and Wilde Oscar play a kinky teacher and student game prior to their rousing romp. Gina Rome and Claudio pretend to be tow old friends who have just reunited at a funeral — her husbands’. As she works, Jeanna sorts through her feelings for Alex Sanders, a romantic architect who has been pursuing her. In the end she takes him, and their work together is phenomenal.

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